About Tidewater & Albemarle Paranormal Investigators

Tidewater & Albemarle Paranormal Investigators is a husband-and-wife team located in Virginia Beach and Currituck County. We are members of The Praesidium of Warriors of St. Michael (PWSM).  Our team is formally trained and experienced in science-based ghost investigating from TAPS Institute and Christian-based Spiritual Warfare from the PWSM. We also have a qualified Sasquatch researcher available to our team. Our education is ongoing in the fields of Ufology, Demonology, Cryptozoology, Parapsychology, and Near Death Experiences. For several years we were the most active and successful team operating in the Southside Hampton Roads area and the northeast North Carolina area until mid 2016 when we ceased investigating private homes to attend to more important personal priorities.

Tidewater & Albemarle Paranormal Investigators now specializes in historical location investigations, aka ghost hunts, often with other paranormal groups to network with and gain more experience in the paranormal field. If space permits, members of the public may be invited on our ghost hunts and Bigfoot expeditions. Fees may be required as many locations have pre-payable deposit requirements for admission.

We primarily cover southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, and we may also team up with other groups on investigations in other parts of Virginia and North Carolina or any other state, including Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Other than private houses and apartments, locations we have investigated and continue to investigate include: historic homes and mansions, former hospitals and sanatoriums, museums, a theater, bed & breakfast inns, battlefields & parks, a court house, prisons & jails, offices, industrial workplaces, a restaurant, and a ship.

If you are seeking our help, please see the "Contact us" page.

Local areas covered on our investigations so far are in yellow. Pending cases are in gray (if any). Areas not yet investigated are in white. Localities with a high concentration of cases are indicated in orange. (see image below).

Below are the states (colored) we have visited for investigations and the red dots indicate major locations where we participated in multi-group ghost hunts. We have also been to NJ for training and to PA to scout a couple of locations.


This team is NOT affiliated with the following organizations with similar names: 

- Tidewater Paranormal Investigation Team -TPIT

- SOS Tidewater Paranormal Research

T&A's investigations are conducted with the utmost professional respect for property and privacy. We do not intentionally try to provoke any spirits and we do not conduct seances. Any and all evidence and information collected during our investigations is not, and will not be, publicly released without the consent of property owners.

We primarily investigate scientifically using today's technology, but we will not overwhelm a location or a client with an excessive amount of cameras and wires as other teams have the tendency to do. We will also use metaphysical, or non-scientific techniques in our search for answers. Such means may include pendulums, dowsing rods, intuitive and psychic abilities. However, results from these methods are never suggested as being concrete evidence and clients are free to interpret this information as they choose. In addition, we are also very open minded and accommodating with regards to various religions or personal beliefs, but we do not indulge in controversial conspiracy theories of any subject matter.

T&A does not claim or guarantee to rid any location of spirits. So called "cleansings" rarely work long term regardless of what others may tell you. However, we do indeed try and we can also give recommendations and advice for help in this area. We are acquainted with a few well known demonologists, religious lay persons, psychic mediums, and shamans who are known to be able to provide better results.

Formal training we have received include:

  • TAPS Academy, Nov 2011  (now called TAPS Institute)
  • Spiritual Warfare, Sept 2012 - Praesidium of Warriors of St. Michael
  • Demonology for Paranormal Groups, Aug 2014 - Rev. Dave Juliano
  • Sasquatch: Have You Seen One? Sept 2014 - Sasquatch Watch of Virginia
  • *Reiki Healing Levels 1&2 Practitioner, Apr 2015
  • Near Death & NDE-like Experiences, Mar 2016 - Rev. Lowell K. Smith
*official qualification or certification.

Our booth/table at a local convention.

Tidewater & Albemarle Paranormal Investigators functions in a manner similar to a sole proprietorship, a type of business entity that is owned and run by one natural person and in which there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. The owner is in direct control of all elements and is legally accountable for the finances, including debts, loans, loss, etc. The owner has unlimited responsibility for all losses and debts. Every asset of the business is owned by the proprietor and all debts of the business are the proprietor's. It is a "sole" proprietorship in contrast with partnerships (which have at least 2 owners). A sole proprietor may use a trade name or business name other than his/her legal name, which will be legally trademarked. A permitted exception to the sole proprietor (single owner) stipulation is permitting the spouse of the sole proprietor to work for the business. They are not classified as a partner or an independent contractor. The sole propriety business is entitled to hire employees or enlist the services of independent consultants. Although an employee or consultant may be requested to contribute to a business related decision, it is only considered a recommendation. It is not possible for the owner to renounce or apportion responsibility for any decision arising from such recommendations. The owner carries the financial responsibility for all debts and/or losses suffered by the business, to the extent of using personal assets to discharge any outstanding liabilities. The owner is exclusively liable for all business activities conducted by the sole proprietorship and accordingly, entitled to full control and all earnings associated with it. According to the Small Business Administration a sole proprietor and their business are considered as one and the same.

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