Typical Order of Procedures for a private client investigation*

*This service is currently restricted to local residents of Currituck and Virginia Beach only

1. Initial contact: Request for help may be via email, social media, phone, or in person.

2. Client briefing: Client provides a summary of paranormal occurrences. May be via email, social media, phone, or in person.

3. Client interview: In depth discussion of the situation. Should be conducted in person but may be via phone.

4. Walk-through: Preliminary tour of the location identifying potentially haunted "hot spots."

5. Scheduling an investigation (if determined to be warranted). Day or night depending on the claims of activity and team availability.

6. Historical research: The physical location and/or the persons involved will be researched to the best of our ability.

7. Onsite Investigation: May be overnight, or specific hours depending on client's preference. (Clients are not required to vacate the premises).

8. Data analysis: May take several days or a couple weeks depending on the amount of data to review.

9. Evidence review: Evidence is corroborated between the team members.

10. Evidence reveal: Evidence believed to be either paranormal or of a "debunking" nature is disclosed to the client. (Preferred to be in person, but may be via email).

11. Follow-up investigation (if necessary): Additional investigations may be requested to expand upon weak or lack of reputable evidence. If so, steps 7-10 will be repeated.

12. Cleansing-Blessing-Liberation (if necessary): Spiritual and/or religious remediation of the haunted location with clients' permission.

13. Referral (if necessary): Certain situations might be outside the expertise of this team and may be referred to more qualified specialists such as demonologists, shamans, clergy, psychologists, etc. Also, in the event our team is not available to work your case you will be referred to another respectable local team.

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