Private and confidential consultations before every residential or business investigation.

We are the most active and successful private-client team currently operating in the southside Hampton Roads area 

and also in the northeastern counties of North Carolina. 

We are extending our services on a case-by-case basis to the Fredericksburg area for non-urgent cases only.

In association with: Paranormal Research Organization Of Virginia


Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:


Ruin of Souls by Joni Mayhan. New release now available on Amazon.

We are promoting this because one chapter involves a local case of ours in which our director subsequently became a client when things got personal.


Ghosts of the Lost Colony interactive ghost tour,
Fort Raleigh National Park, Manteo, NC 
March 25-26, March 29-April 2

Psychic Fairs at the A.R.E.: Feb 27, Mar 26, Apr 23, May 21

Psychic Day Faire at Mystic Moon: March 26

*not official endorsements

Virginia's Top 15 Most Haunted Locations

Based entirely on the experiences and recorded evidence of reputable Virginia-based paranormal investigating teams

*Researched and organized by our founder Phil Payette with the assistance of the Virginia Paranormal Assembly

Our other media & periodical appearances are listed below:

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