2017 News & Events

February 21, 2017
Jan: New computer finally acquired to recover a few case files from 2016 and relaunch the group.

Feb: Restructuring of the team's mission and goals. Reevaluation of affiliations and memberships.

Mar: Initiating the planning and scheduling process for this year's ghost hunts.

Apr: Final evidence reveal at the Whalehead Club.

Jun: Official name change from "Tidewater" to "Tidewater & Albemarle" to reflect our coverage area in NC.


2016 News & Events

January 9, 2016
Jan: Team Meeting. Corolla investigation. Devastating computer crash leads to the loss of all case files and evidence collected. Future case files and evidence maintained haphazardly on multiple mobile devices.

Feb: Multiple private residential cases. Shell joins the group.

Mar: Belle Grove Plantation public investigation event. NDE seminar.

May: Summer-long hiatus begins.

June: Discontinuance of private client cases until further notice.

Aug: Joined the planning committee for Paranormal Summit 2....
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Our calendar changes often due to cancellations and scheduling conflicts. Please check back periodically.

Artwork credits: 

Anne Stokes (Siren Mermaids)

Jonathan Chapin (Squatchy Woods)

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