Cases, Investigations, and Ghost Hunts

Due to client confidentiality we cannot disclose information about residential locations


4 Separate Locations so far 

including W.V. State Penitentiary

2 Repeat Public Locations 


9 Separate Locations

including Battleship USS North Carolina


7 Separate Locations

including Belle Grove Plantation


17 Separate Locations

including Ohio State Reformatory; St. Albans Sanatorium; plus Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (tour)

1 Repeat Public Location


17 Separate Locations

2 Repeat Public Locations


10 Separate Locations

including Old South Pittsburg Hospital, St. Albans Sanatorium; plus Gettysburg National Battlefield (tour)

2 Repeat Public Locations


23 Separate Locations

including Waverly Hills Sanatorium; W.V. State Penitentiary; St. Albans Sanatorium; Historic Jordan Springs; plus Eastern State Penitentiary (tour)

4 Repeat Public Locations


6 Separate Locations

Virginia Battlefields

Lots of battlefields including Richmond, Petersburg, Fredericksburg, Manassas, Appomattox, Yorktown, Shenandoah Valley

The most ghost hunts: St. Albans (6), Exchange Hotel (6), Ferry Plantation (2, +4 events) 

Total cases up through 2016: 88 (42 private, 46 other)


Beauty and the Bigfoot by George Bryan Ward

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