Jeannie Payette 

Jeannie is a Latino New York native from Brooklyn. She started experiencing psychic abilities at the age of 7. She feels that she inherited these abilities from her grandmother, who she was extremely close to, and her Native American Taino ancestors. She studied law at NYC Technical College and worked at the World Trade Center where she experienced her first paranormal encounter with a spirit from the 1993 bombing. It was that experience that would lead her to the world of paranormal investigating. 

When she moved to Virginia she founded Paranormal Research Organization of Virginia (P.R.O.O.V.) and is also a member of 3:33 AM Paranormal Research.  Although she has abilities, as a law major she still seeks physical proof. She has a compassionate point-of-view at investigations, and takes a "mother-hen" approach towards both the clients and the suspected hauntings. Jeannie has taken demonology and other classes that help expand her knowledge of the spirit world. She also studies crystal healing. Her personal mission is to create more acceptance within the community towards psychic phenomena and the spirit world. She joined Tidewater and became its manager in 2014. She is fluent in Spanish and has recently completed formal training in Reiki: Levels 1 & 2 Practitioner. She currently works part-time as a psychic reader and reiki healer at Good Vibes Wellness in Virginia Beach.

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