2011 Investigations 

October 2011

Self-Guided Tour

Gettysburg National Military Park

Gettysburg, PA

Daytime tour, not an investigation, by our founder and co-founder.  Additional sites we visited: 

1. International Museum of Spiritual Investigations, 

2. Sach's Covered Bridge, 

3. Jenny Wade's House, 

4. Orphanage / Soldier's National Museum.

October 2011

Public Investigation

Masonic Temple

Hagerstown, MD 

(2011-12) Public investigation hosted by Antietam Paranormal Society 

There were personal experiences and a few pieces of credible evidence.

Paranormal Activity? Inconclusive

Sept - Nov 2011

Private & Public Investigations

St. Albans Sanatorium (#1-3)

Radford, VA

(2011-10) An investigation by NOVA Paranormal Research in which our case manager/co-founder was a guest.

(2011-13) Public Investigation hosted by 3:33 AM Paranormal Research, Appalachee Paranormal, and Mountain Ridge Paranormal.

(2011-14) TAPS Academy hosted by Virginia Paranormal Society, Roanoke's Investigation of the Paranormal, Virginia Investigators of Paranormal Education and Research and joined by members of PARA Hampton Roads and Virginia Investigators of the Paranormal.

Paranormal Activity? Yes

September 2011

Private Investigation

Old Stone Warehouse

Fredericksburg, VA 

(2011-9) Joint investigation with Orange Paranormal Group 

Not a good location due to the very busy adjacent intersection and bridge. There were some personal experiences, but no credible evidence was collected.

Paranormal Activity? No

September 2011

Private Investigation

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

South Pittsburg, TN 

(2011-8) Joint investigation with 3:33 AM Paranormal Research, NOVA Paranormal Research, and PARA Hampton Roads 

This is a very active location, both day and night. Many personal experiences and good credible evidence has been collected.

Paranormal Activity? Yes

February, August & October 2011

Private & Public Investigations

Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum (#1-3)

Gordonsville, VA

(2011-6) Joint investigation with Orange Paranormal Group. Investigation conducted under the name of Eastern Virginia Ghost Riders.

(2011-7) Assisted Orange Paranormal Group with public ghost hunts.

(2011-11) Assisted Orange County Paranormal Investigators and Virginia Wilderness Paranormal with public ghost hunts.

There are three buildings on this property and each of them has yielded credible evidence.

Paranormal Activity? Yes

June - October 2011

Private Case

Private Residence #Cn1

Camden, NC

(2011-5) This case involved a couple who are experiencing what they believe to be a heavy demonic infestation of the home and property. Having a few personal experiences, but unable to collect credible evidence, the case was referred back to Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society (who originally referred it to us) for a follow-up investigation and also included the adjacent residence. The case is now closed and the homeowners have moved out.

March 2011

Private Investigation

Kimball Theatre

Williamsburg, VA

(2011-4) Investigation conducted under the name of Eastern Virginia Ghost Riders.

In addition to personal experiences, some interesting evidence was collected on the second level. A follow-up investigation is required to determine evidence credibility.

Paranormal Activity? Inconclusive

March - July 2011

Private Case

Private Residence #H1

Hampton, VA 

(2011-3) Investigation conducted under both the names of Eastern Virginia Ghost Riders and Tidewater Paranormal.

In this case we helped a client whose's young daughter had what appeared to her a young imaginary friend but appeared to the mother as possibly her deceased ex-husband. Our evidence suggested there was indeed at least one entity present but could not rule out that there were two. This case is now closed and the residents have moved out due to personal struggles.

February 2011

Private Investigation

Riddick's Folly Museum

Suffolk, VA

(2011-2) Investigation conducted under the name of Eastern Virginia Ghost Riders.

Not a good location due to the very busy adjacent  intersection. Very limited evidence was collected and none of it is considered credible.

Paranormal Activity? Inconclusive

January 2011

Private Investigation

Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Richmond, VA 

(2011-1) Investigation conducted under the name of Eastern Virginia Ghost Riders.

Not a good location being on a busy city street that was active throughout the night. Some limited evidence was collected, but we are unable to consider any of it credible.

Paranormal Activity? Inconclusive

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