Jan: New residential case in Wakefield, VA. Tony rejoins the team.

Feb: Investigation with Sisters of Salem at the Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum. Investigation at Sandford House in Fayetteville with Night Whispers Paranormal Reasearch and Southern Paranormal Society.

Mar: Established a partnership with 7 Cities Paranormal. Jeannie joins the team. New residential case in Chesapeake.

Apr: ParaCon at the Boxwood Inn.

May: no events.

Jun: Friday Night Frights at Ferry Plantation.

Jul: Friday Night Frights at Ferry Plantation. Paul M. joins the team. Annual UFO Club picnic.

Aug: Friday Night Frights at Ferry Plantation. Demonology class at The Ghosthunter Store in Burlington, NJ. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge acceptance (challenged by Ferry Plantation House). A.R.E. Psychic Fair. Battlefield investigation w/RPS. Mari joins the team. Magazine interview.

Sep: Friday Night Frights at Ferry Plantation. Finding Sasquatch lecture in Critz, VA. RJ joins the team. Paul C. rejoins the team.

Oct: Monster Fest at Chesapeake Library. First private business investigation. 3 private residential investigations conducted within one week.

Nov: A.R.E. Psychic Fair. Began assisting FAPI with a case in Stafford, VA.

: Private ghost hunt alongside cast members of "Paranormal Porch." Negotiated a partnership with Virginia Paranormal Occurrence Research of Newport News. 2015 planning.