January: Continuation of two residential cases that were opened late last year. New case in southern Virginia Beach. Paranormal gathering at Grayson Winery for wine tasting. ColdFire assists with our Knott's Island case.

February: Continuation of VB residential case.

March: New VaBeach residential case. St. Albans investigation with Ghost Eyes from Richmond. Henricus investigation w/ Transcend.

April: St. Albans investigation w/ PROOV. New residential case in VB.

May: Trip to Mansfield OH w/ 3:33AM, and Blood at the Beach 3 in Va Beach.

June: New residential case in Currituck County.

July: Joined the UFO Club of Virginia. Chesapeake residential case.

August: Residential cases - Va Beach, Hampton. New members John and Teresa Rowe.

Sept: Va Beach residential case.

Oct: Chesapeake residential case.

Nov: UFO investigation with multiple clients. Invited to join the Virginia Paranormal Assembly.
Begun minor reorganizing of the team.

Dec: Norfolk residential case. Reorganization and downsizing of the team continues.